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When did you join Twitter?

“When did I join Twitter?” That’s a question that you might not be asking yourself often but when you do, you often find that the answer is not so easy to find, mostly because Twitter itself does not show you the age of your account. But there’s a way to go about this… and it’s rightly called When Did You Join Twitter?

When Did You Join Twitter is pretty simple to use. You only have to correctly type you Twitter username and the age of your account is given to you. You will get to find the date on which you created your Twitter account and it will also specify the age of your account in terms of days! You can also tweet the result directly from the page.

When Did You Join Twitter is a project by Neville Ridley-Smith, an Australian coder who is the creator of yet another Twitter-related webpage, How Often Do You Tweet which gives you the frequency of your tweets in terms of time lapse and average number.

When Did You Join Twitter and How Often Do You Tweet are arguably two not very essential services but they sure provide some answers to the inquisitive “twitter”.

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  • Jevin

    I joined on March 2, 2009. Yeah I know, I’m a newbie. 😉

  • Jevin

    I just read that Twitter started as a company in April 2007. You registered one month later.

  • Robb

    Wow. You are far from being a Twitter noob, lady.

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