Verifying Technorati Claim Token

Verifying your Technorati claim token is very easy. Here are the steps:

#1 Make a new post
#2 Paste your claim token on the post content
#3 Publish post
#4 Go to your Technorati account and click on “Check Claim”

As a proof, this post was the post I made to verify my blog on Technorati.
My Technorati Claim Token : YAPSSJEUEBZG

17 thoughts on “Verifying Technorati Claim Token”

  1. It was easy. But just a hint; add the code to the start of an existing post. If you add it to the end it may be truncated as complete post may not be visible in your rss feed.

  2. Technorati interface is change, I got my code but I had a terrible time finding the “claim token” or “verify token”, can someone please help me? Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the sharing this information, this was really helpful. I have a question, can we remove the post after the blog is claimed or crawled by Technorati?

    @ewNY: Claim token is sent to your email address that you have used in Technorati.

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