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The need for computer gaming keyboards

It is difficult to imagine a world without gaming keyboards. Yet it was the case, only some years back. Today, enter any decent computer shop and you are sure to stumble on those glossy keyboard boxes that will undeniably attract your eyes. But these cost a lot more than traditional keyboards, and choosing the wrong is the last thing you’d want to do.

Logitech G15
Logitech G15

If you are on the market for a gaming keyboard, chances are that you’ve seen the Logitech G15. This is the reference in gaming keyboards for it was the first to have been commercially successful. The Logitech comes with loads of options, to name a few:

  • LCD screen
  • Ability to create hotkeys
  • Ability to create macros
  • Option to deactivate the Windows key

The last option really goes to show how much good work Logitech has put into that G15. As a gamer, you would surely know how irritating it is to press the Windows key accidentally in the middle of a game.

The LCD screen can be very useful for gamers. It can be customized to show lots of different info. From CPU/Memory usage to current playing track, without forgetting your HP. This keyboard is sure to please the inner geek in you.

Razer Lycosa
Razer Lycosa

The Razer Lycosa is another good gaming keyboard. The design, coupled with the magnificent blue backlight, makes it look like it came from outer space. When you are face to face with this keyboard, you know its true gaming material. Among its options, we have:

  • Non-slip rubber keys
  • Ability to create macros
  • 10 customizable profiles
  • Hyperesponse technology

The Hyperesponse technology is sure to bring a smile on your face during intense gaming. This orders the keys to react faster to your movements. Couple this with some macros, and you are sure to have a nice time gaming.

The first thing buyers will notice about the Lycosa, is the lack of an LCD display. While I feel the LCD is a handy tool, I must admit that the philosophy behind the two keyboards are not the same. If you want good all-round computer gaming keyboard, then the G15 has to be your pick. But for some serious gaming, I’d have to go with the Lycosa.

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