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Prism by Mozilla

PrismPrism, is one of the babies of Mozilla, the creator of Firefox and Thunderbird.

Prism has been designed to provide a better environment for running our preferred web-based applications. For instance, applications like Gmail, Facebook and Google Docs which were usually browser-run can be accessed right from the desktop using Prism.

This prevents the hassle of having to switch between tabs on a web browser or the risk of having an entire browser crash or slowed down due to an unstable application.

Prism can be installed either as a Firefox extension or as a standalone application.

I mostly use standalone Prism to run Twitzap, a Twitter client and to access my Gmail account as those are the applications that I want to run right from my desktop instead of opening a web browser to get to them.

The thing with Prism is that it should not be used as a browser. It is not a substitute for web browsers. It does not enable users to click on links and to keep on browsing, that is the task of a web browser really. Instead you get to stay on a single web page. One on which you usually don’t click any further. Any external link on Prism would be opened on your default web browser. That is one of the limitations of Prism and that is also one factor that makes it stand out from a web browser.

To get Prism – Get started

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  • rick

    Long time prism user here. Nice review of a nice piece of software. 😉

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