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No more false pictures on social networking sites?

False picture

The news that if a false picture is reported on a social networking site, the website will have to remove it. There is nothing new in that, except for the fact that, according to Times Online, this has to be done in 24 hours.

Personally, a little part of me dies when I see a false picture on a social networking site. These sites are for people who want to open up, who want to share their life. If you were to be incognito, it would completely void the fact of being on such a site. But how will a site like Facebook with “more than 350 million active users” (Facebook statistics) cope with such a measure?

Surely, they will find a way. But that would mean having an eye on your site 24/7,  implying a huge cost and, in most cases, neglecting other departments.

There is, however, a cost effective solution. The problem would come when there are lots of pictures to moderate. The simplest solution, would be to reduce that. It may be hard to achieve, but it costs less than moderation. I think Facebook does a great job at this. Everyone noticed that most Facebook users put their own picture. That’s because the example was set from the start. Surely, this costs less than a 24/7 eye watch.

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