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How does the Nexus One compare to iPhone 3GS?

Google’s new phone, the HTC Google Nexus One has been creating a buzz all over the Internet ever since it was released on January 5, 2010. The  phone has been dubbed state of the art in mobile by Michael Arrington.

We at Technoreply, strongly believe that this offering from Google is a worthy competitor to Apple’s iPhone 3GS. So we set out to compare the two phones… Hardware wise. Because, let’s not kid anyone, comparing the inside has been done already by lots of sites.

HTC Google Nexus One
To the naked eye, this means that the Nexus One is a lot more sleeker.

Size matters

The Nexus One is longer but the iPhone 3GS is larger. The latter is also heavier by 5 grams. To the naked eye, this means that the Nexus One is a lot more sleecker.


The Nexus One’s 480×800 pixels display almost makes the iPhone’s 320×480 screen look tiny. The size is 3.7″ for the Nexus One and 3.5″ for the iPhone, so the Nexus One should have better video playback quality.


The iPhone comes with either 16 or 32 GB of internal storage memory. It is a great deal for a smartphone. The Nexus One unfortunately comes with little internal memory and users have to rely on micro SD cards.


Both comes with 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth 2.1, EDGE and a USB 2.0 port. The Nexus One has a Wifi connectivity that would please the die-hard geek. Indeed, the smartphone from Google comes with a/b/g/n standards. Granted the a standard is becoming more and more rare, but the n standard is starting to take off.


The iPhone’s camera was always laughed at. The pictures are very bad. To a point where people stopped taking pictures with their iPhones. The Nexus One however boasts a 5 Megapixel camera. This means that the photos and videos will come out better.

Apple iPhone 3GS
A variant of the Snapdragon will be found on the next iPhone.


The iPhone used to be among the best when it came out. The 600 MHz ARM sourced processor was a mighty one. But today, with Qualcomm’s 1 GHz on the Nexus One, things have changed. The Qualcomm, more commonly known as the Snapdragon is currently the most powerful processor ever fitted on a smartphone. There are even talks that a variant of the Snapdragon will be found on the next iPhone.

Operating system

The Android OS v/s the iPhone OS deserves a post on it’s own. We’ll update later.


Both phones say they will do around 300 hours standby time, with the iPhone having longer talk time on 2G, 12 hours (2 more than the Nexus one). On 3G however, the Nexus One will do 7 hours, 2 more than the iPhone. The battery times seems confusing to all of us.


The Nexus One can be had for $179 through T-Mobile where as the iPhone can be had for $199 through AT&T.


The iPhone is a great phone. It’s very easy to use and very nice to look at. It feels classier. But now that the Nexus One is out, we cannot help to look at the iPhone as a dated smartphone. The Nexus One looks younger and sexier. And that Android OS… That’s just geek’s play.

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  • Ruby

    The Nexus One is also the new stuff compared to the iphone which is now so from the past.

  • Chuck

    I’m hoping to move to the Nexus One from my iPhone in the coming weeks. I’m with you on this. The iPhone looks dated.

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