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New features on Blogger – August 2009

Blogger users, especially those who had voted on Google’s product ideas page are perhaps a little bit disappointed. The reason for this: the proposed feature gaining the most suffrage from Blogger users, an improved commenting system which allows threading and supports Gravatar icons, has not yet been included by the Blogger team as at the last blogger upgrade in August.


However, on it’s 10th birthday celebration post, the Blogger team promised that the next several weeks will be a lot of fun! So we might be in for some surprises on the part of Blogger.

Moreover, Blogger has sure been implementing some added features on a drip basis in the past days. For instance on the 28th of August it has included the “Share” button on its Navbar.


Readers can now easily share blog posts by Email, on Google Reader or on Twitter and Facebook.

Blogger has furthermore previously introduced a label cloud widget which allows users to choose which labels are going to be displayed on their blog.


Blogger has also updated its text editor. You can enable the new one by going from Dashboard – Settings – Basic.



All these new features sure promise other great stuff coming up. Perhaps the improved commenting system could come as the cherry on the cake later on.

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  • Mike

    Its about time blogger changed their commenting system. I see blogger’s system as complete but buggy at times, while WordPress’ system minimal and working all the time.

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