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LMAG – Once upon a time…

Raise your hand if the last time you heard from your mother was when she sent you a request on Facebook, asking you for more Pear Candy Rescue Saga lives. Now raise your other hand if your mother had to call you sixteen times for you to come down for dinner.

That woman has changed her ways! But we don’t care, the only thing that we care about is that games are getting ridiculously popular and everyone and their mother is playing it. Hence, this post! Also, put both your hands down!

Since day one, the fascination of every programmer has been to craft their own games. Why? Three reasons for that:

  • It’s the ultimate way to get respect. Show your friends how you made a Youtube clone on Ruby on Rails in 2 days and no one bats an eye, show them your new game and everybody looses their minds!
  • It’s fascinating. Sure beats debugging CSS3 on IE7!
  • It’s the most satisfying piece of code. One variable can change the whole meaning of a game. So yeah, it feels pretty powerful!
Playing with my stick like I don't even care
Playing with my stick like I don’t even care [Source]

You’re not gonna make a game, are you ?

Why yes! That’s exactly my plan. I’ve even sorted out my tools and stuff:

  • A good game needs a good game engine. That’s where Unity comes in. What sold me to Unity was the ease at which everything is managed. The IDE is just a breeze to use, and everything feels intuitive.
  • It also needs some catchy graphics. And the very beautiful Kenney has our back covered!
  • Lastly, it needs a strong community to make these pieces of code come alive.

I hope you guys will be that community, and I’ll see you next time with a very early sneak peak.

* LMAG = Let’s Make A Game

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