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Groovle and Froogles

Do you know what and have in common? Apart from the fact that the domain names slightly resemble that of the web giant, they are also the only 2 companies out of 65 who have managed to keep their domain names after Google launched a complaint against those domain names.

207 Media, a small Canadian enterprise, the owner of, a search engine, has managed to convince the three judges of the National Arbitration Forum, an agency approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to solve domain name disputes, that Groovle is related more to the word “groove” than to Google.

Although being powered by Google, Groovle allows users to personalise their search homepages with images of their own and to use that homepage to carry out searches using Google.

As for Froogles, it was in 2004 that its owner, Richard Wolfe won the case against Google by persuading the arbitrators that his e-commerce site could not be confused with Google.

One thing’s for sure, better choose a domain name farthest away from than go through the hassles of a lawsuit.

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