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Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button leads to a countdown clock

This is what you get if you click on “I’m feeling lucky” on Google’s homepage without entering any term in the search bar.
i'm feeling lucky google

It is a countdown clock and it is counting down the seconds left till the 1st of January 2010.

Google is obviously up to something to celebrate the coming new year. Speculations are varied. While some are wagering on yet another prank on the part of the search giant, others are expecting a major surprise release for this new decade.

No statement has yet been made on the part of Google and this certainly is feeding all the mystery around this countdown clock.

It should be noted that the countdown clock is visible only on English-based Google homepages such as, or, as in my case. The same thing on, the French homepage, gives this:

French I'm feeling luckyWill the surprise be in English only? We could bet it will. Is Google Chrome OS English release under way? The question remains…

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