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Ever heard of Google Films? If you don’t have a sure, fast and informed way of knowing about movie showtimes near you, Google Films might just be what you are looking for.

Google Films does not only provide you with a list of most movies showing in theatres near you, it also allows you to search for a specific movie’s showtime.

Each movie listed on Google Films comes with a short summary. It also carries the movie’s genre, duration, rating (watch out for the little yellow stars), a link to its IMDB page and sometimes a link to its trailer on As the experience would not have been complete without a map, Google makes sure to provide you with one so you can visually access the proximity of theatres showing the movie that you are looking for.


A slight drawback of Google Films, however, is that it provides data for big towns mostly right now, so you wouldn’t be finding cinema listings near you if your town is a small one.

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