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Creating an Android Keystore on Unity

I’ve been working a lot with Unity recently. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it’s UI. Every manipulation feels natural. Little did I know that this particular fondness of mine will come back to bite me!

Hours before releasing Gravity, my first Android game, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to create my Android Keystore.

After hours of Googling, and losing my sanity, I finally figured it out.

To prevent others from going crazy right before a release, I created this guide to show how to create your Android Keystore on Unity.

Step 1

Go to Edit >Project Settings > Player and select the Android tab (fourth from the left). You’ll be presented with the following screen.

02 create keystore

Just expand the “Publishing Settings” section and click on the “Create New Keystore” checkbox.

Step 2

Click on “Browse Keystore” button. You will be presented with the following dialog, asking you to save the Keystore you are creating.

03 select keystore save location

The location is up to you, but I always save it at the root of the project’s folder. Also, note that the Keystore is not actually created on your drive at this instant. You just chose the location at this point.

Step 3

Enter your Keystore’s password, twice.

04 enter keystore password

It’s crucial to keep the passwords entered here in a safe place!

Step 4

From the “Alias” dropdown, select “Create a new key”.

05 create key

You’ll be presented with the following window. Fill it up!

06 enter key information

Again, keep the passwords safe!

Step 5

After saving the dialog in Step 4, open the “Alias” dropdown again. This time you’ll see a new option. That’s what we want.

07 select key

Step 6

Enter your key’s password. And your good to go!

08 enter key password

You may now build your Android APK by going in File > Build Settings.

If this post helped you, please check out Gravity and let me know what you think! I’d love to get some feedback on this one.

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  • Roy

    I love you!

  • Jevon

    Thank you graciously!
    Pretty sure you just saved me a whole boatload of time, effort, head-scratching, and eye-gouging.

  • Katie

    Thanks! Did this in 1 min thanks to you.

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    Well done. Thank you for this.

  • Fix works. Thank you!

  • protopop

    Thank you. I have a lot of difficulty getting BrightRidge on the Play store. Your step by step was very clear and helpful.

  • Joshua Reyes

    Thank you, this saved my day!

  • Marc Gelfo

    after 2 hours trying to figure out how to get a RELEASE keystore on Unity… you are the man! thank you for writing this up I haven’t found it anywhere else on the internet and it’s just not obvious from the UI

  • Elvis Hernandez

    great work, until now, this is so helpful. Thanks!

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    Nice Post ! I am very impressed to see it, whole blog is informative. I also want to provide Microsoft, if you are not able to install Microsoft properly on the system. Just dial Microsoft Support Number @ +44-808-101-2159 to get instant solution.

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