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If you thought was full of superficial beings then you should try is a global dating site which boasts having around 550, 000 members worldwide and is supposed to be “an exclusively beautiful community, founded for the purpose of creating personal and professional relationships.”

Aspiring members of are expected to submit a photo of themselves while signing up. During the 48 hours following the creation of the account, the potential member’s photo will be rated by existing members of the opposite sex on A new member is admitted only if the other members give a positive rating on his or her photo.

Recently, there has been some buzz in the media around this site when it kicked off 5000 members mostly from the U.S, UK and Canada for the simple reason that those members have gained weight during the festive period. New pictures that those members have uploaded post-holidays showed them with additional pounds.

BeautifulPeople representatives have justified the kicking off of those members as being a necessity in order to preserve the essence of the site and to keep the interest of existing members seeking to meet beautiful people on the site.

This action has given rise to disagreements with social groups such as the Fat Acceptance Movement and which try to sensitise people about going beyond looks when judging people.

One thing’s for sure, however, is that the has gained a lot of attention recently due to this notorious feat. It might be wondered whether that was purposefully intended to serve as a publicity stunt.

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