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Avast Problem – How to fix Avast not starting

The typical scenario: It’s early morning and I get to the office, light up my PC, log on to Windows Vista and there there. The Avast icon has a little red no-entry icon on it.

This case happens more often than it should. Thanks to this (annoying) frequency, I managed to fix the problem. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to restart the Avast Antivirus service by following the steps below.

Start > Computer (right click) > Manage > Services and Applications > 
Services > avast! Antivirus (right click) > Restart

But if that does not fix anything, you’ll have to do 2 things:

1. Repair your Avast Antivirus installation. Steps below.

Control Panel > Uninstall or Change a Program > Avast Installation > Repair

2. Restart your Avast Antivirus service by following the steps above.

That’s about it. This should do the trick for minor Avast problems.

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  • Tomy

    Thank’s a lot… Under the “uninstall” option in the Add/remove folder there was an “update” button… and now it’s working fine … Thank’s again 🙂

  • Glad to know it worked for you Tomy. 😉

  • Jorge

    thanks, you solve my problem

  • Josh

    Yeah so I tried the first part but it doesn’t look like it worked at all. Then I tried the second portion but I could not repair it. Any suggestions?


  • eric

    Thanks for this tip! Couldn’t start with avast icons/program, so I did the services trick and it worked.

  • Imran

    Hello, thank you it worked, I went on add or remove programs in control panel and clicked on avast, then uninstall/change and clicked on update.

    Thank You

  • Suzan Darwish

    Hello…yesterday my computer crashed and unfortunatly my newly perchased Avast antivirus was no longer there…..Could you help????? the date of perchase was 1st October,2011. Waiting for your help.Thanks

    • we receermiend runing portalbe antivirus fist then find nod32 amtivirus then close thw portalbe antivirus and instail nod32

  • mike

    Using the change/uninstall worked, I guess I had a older version and it changed to 6.0
    I tried everything before I found your site.
    Thanks again

  • Madhurendra K Verma

    The same process i applied but my avast is not working Sir

  • hUUdy

    it worked!! thanks. 😉

  • Sangeetha

    It worked!! thanx a lot!!

  • Rhonda

    Wow, what an easy fix! I wish I would have read your post first! Would have saved me over an hour of reading and experimenting!!! Thanks for the information!

  • i renewed it said i am not connected my code 300432121 order number.13024883 order date 09/12/12 please hook me up

  • Sam

    Thanks It worked 🙂

  • naveen

    it worked for me.. thanks

  • Athan

    Hello, I’ve tried the first step but got an error window:

    “Windows could not stop the Avast Antivirus service on Local Computer”

    Error 1053 : The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion

    Got any idea what this is?


  • Andy Uon

    Cheers, worked great!